Here are the destinations with Live traffic>>>

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Here are the destinations with Live traffic>>>

Post by Admin on Mon Dec 07, 2015 11:22 am

Hello Everyone,
Everest International Trading Co. Inc. is a fast developing prominent VoIP service provider located in USA.
We are dedicated to provide full service communication technology and providing the highest level of communication services and connecting
you with people all over the world. We deal with A-Z termination and origination.
We are mainly concentrating on wholesale/direct terminations AND have the potentiality to carry a business deal toward
prolong partnership. Your positive gesture instigates us to provide you with every aspect of service & security to create a viable atmosphere
as our benevolent team works with total integrity to gain adequate results in respect of mutual benefits.
Please let us know should you have VOIP direct quality routes as we have A-Z traffic to send your routes.

Algeria Mobile Orascom &
Wataniya >> 20K NON CLI
Albania mobile all >> 8K
Afghanistan all >> 39K NON CLI
Bangladesh mobile all >> 500k+ Pure IGW CLI
Cuba all >> 40-50k CLI
Ecuador Mobile All >> 70k+ CLI % NON CLI
El Salvador mobile all >> 50k CLI
Haiti all >> 80k+ NON CLI
Honduras CELTEL >> 30K NON CLI
Iran Mobile all >> 40-50k CLI & NON CLI
Iran Tehran >> 20K CLI & NON CLI
Ivory Coast mobile orange >> 20K NON CLI
Libya mobile all >> 20K NON CLI
Morocco mobile- >> 20K NON CLI
Nigeria Mobile MTN >> 100K NON CLI
Pakistan Mobile all >> 500k ++ CLI & NON CLI
Saudi cell >> 20-30k CLI
Senegal Orange Mobile >> 22k CLI
Zimbabwe Econet Mobile >> 30 k NON CLI

With regards
-- Francis S. Xavier
Sr. Executive: Sales & Marketing
Everest International Trading Co, Inc
Mail & MSN-
Skype: xavier.everest
On behalf of----------------

Joseph Anthony Parker
Vice President
Everest International Trading Co, Inc
Skype: jparker.everest

Ramenson Diaz | CEO
Everest International Trading Co, Inc
*FCC 214 International Telecom Carrier*
10302 Ocean Gate Avenue | Los Angeles, CA 90304
T +1 310 210 6522
Skype: ramendiaz |


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